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Bondage pictures

Bondage pictures

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June 25 2008
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 13:30 ]
bondage pictures black bondage
An intense exploration in hardcore bondage.

Don t waste time! Get inside!

asian bondage
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June 24 2008
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 06:57 ]
asian bondage outdoor bondage
Our newest Kinky site where you can find high definition live shows of sexy woman being restrained and dominated like you have never seen before.

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female bondage
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Posted by bdsmsex  [ 04:22 ]
bondage stories hentai bondage
Claire Dames has huge boobs. Look at them. They are the size of cantaloupes. They are screaming out to be trapped, bound and punished. And their screams are heard by Cyd Black and Claire Adams, who steps in to assist Cyd in double teaming the massive sweater puppies and the woman they are attached to.


women in bondage
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June 22 2008
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 04:09 ]
female bondage self bondage
From the start, Tabitha Tucker makes it clear that she does not like to be uncomfortable. Such being the case, cyd focuses every scene on making Tabitha as uncomfortable as possible. She is afraid of heights, so he suspends her. She doesn't like to sweat, so he puts her in a latex straitjacket. She doesn't like to be humiliated, so he bends her over and ties her wrists to her knees and her hair to the ceiling while he canes her ass. He adds a tube gag forcing her to drool as the finishing touch. Finally, cyd gets tired of her so he hands her over to Sgt. Major to be manhandled and tossed around.

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bondage art
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June 21 2008
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 12:27 ]
extreme bondage japanese bondage
I settled in to the corner of the studio to watch Damon guest direct this shoot with Sara Faye. I knew he would do a good job, but I had no idea that he would do such an amazing job that I would consider it to be one of the best shoots, if not *the* best shoot to appear on Device Bondage to date. Every scene is intense and riveting. Don't even think about skimming this one.


bondage torture
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June 18 2008
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 14:57 ]
lesbian bondage bondage porn
There are two girls today. The was supposed to be one but a spare was found somewhere so they sent her to me. I've used the first one before but never the second. The second says she does girls and likes bondage. She says she can take it all and I should do it all. I bound them together with chains and leather - tight, so they would sweat on each other. I made the first one eat the second one's asshole. I made the second one face fuck the first one's asshole. The first one surprised me with the sheer ferocity of her ass eating. The second one surprised me because she does what she says and says what she does. They'll both be back.

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outdoor bondage
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June 17 2008
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 10:59 ]
self bondage bondage art
The shoot starts. I get as far as pulling her hair and already her cunt is soaking wet. She's grinding her hips against the floor and trying to pull up her skirt. She can barely wait for me to force an asshook in and attach it to her hair, wrenching her head back and pulling the skin on her neck taut as a drum. I keep pushing her and pushing her to see how far I can go. I bind her straddling a barrel with her legs spread wide. I drip hot wax on her nipples, inner thighs and labia. She squeals with pain at first, but soon her eyes begin to glaze over and her squeals are replaced with moans of pleasure. She sticks her tongue out and catches the drips of wax in her mouth. Her toes flex and curl up. She tosses her head about and tries to bite my face. She comes so hard she nearly loses consciousness. As soon as we're done she wants more.


bondage videos
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Posted by bdsmsex  [ 08:46 ]
bondage paper asian bondage
Several months ago when Alexa arrived for her first recorded shoot, one could have doubted both her enthusiasm for or her ability to endure a BDSM session. She was cautious and quiet, hesitant to explore areas that involved trust, such as erotic asphyxiation. Over the course of a few visits, first as a model for a test shoot, next for her own full shoot, then as a decoration for a live show, and finally now for her own live show, she has thrown caution to the wind for the most part. What brought a nervous look before now makes her eyes go hazy as she lets her body slack and rolls her hips up so the dildo can sink into deeper into her cunt and the camera has better access to the view. Delilah was a new find, a stranger until she arrived to play eye candy on the floor. When asked what she enjoyed, she said she loved humiliation. She got what she asked for, spending time chained to a post on a cold concrete floor with a filthy high heel strapped into her mouth acting as a funnel for dirty luke-warm water dripping from above to trickle onto her tongue and down her throat. NOTE: This update does not take the place of today's regularly scheduled update which will be posted on late Thursday/Friday. Please see post in BDSM forum for further details.


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June 16 2008
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 03:36 ]
asian bondage extreme bondage
Sarah Jane Ceylon is chained, flogged, strapped, caged, gagged, clamped, vibrated, fucked, whipped, licked, caned and forced to come over and over for six hours during her live show. Sarah starts the show kneeling with a metal collar around her neck locked to a pole in the floor as members in the show chatroom type in questions for her to answer. Over in the corner, Alexa Von Tess watches from where she is trapped in a rusty iron cage to act as a backdrop decoration. The scenes change again and again. Members come up with suggestion after suggestion. Sarah is manacled to a table with her ass and cunt in the air, she is locked in a cage, bent over backward and stretched on a rack, fucked by Alexa with a dildo gag and beaten until her ass is bright red and full of welts. The scenes go on and on. The show was broadcast over the Internet to a live audience of hundreds of members across the globe in HD video quality with overwhelming success. It is presented to you here in edited form for members to download. Device Bondage does live shows every third Saturday of the month. Dont miss the next one!


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June 13 2008
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 08:55 ]
bondage hentai asian bondage
In order to build the technical infrastructure necessary to stream high definition wide screen live video feeds of device bondage shows as well as shows that other Kink sites may wish to put on, we needed to test the system twice before it was ready. In a previous update, we showed you the second test. This bonus update is footage of the first test. Sarah is bound on the floor with her legs spread, her arms pulled back and her nipples clamped tight and attached to the ground, pulling her forward in a grueling predicament bondage scenario.


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Posted by bdsmsex  [ 06:57 ]
hentai bondage water bondage
Local girl Sara has never modeled before in her 18 year old life. She does, however, love bondage and she plays in her private life. Sara likes marks, like any good bondage slut does, so cyd makes sure to take full advantage of her pale flesh. Her grey-blue eyes dart around, filled with nervous excitement. Her breathing starts to get heavier as cyd rips her clothes off with his knife. Her large breasts are taped off, making them protrude from her body like two large, ripe fruits. They swell, as though just begging to be caned. cyd beats them until they are purple and covered in welts. Sara whimpers quietly. As her nipples are suctioned she lactates a bit. They are so sensitive that cyd simply cannot resist trying all his different clamps out on her tender nipples.

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June 10 2008
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 03:32 ]
bondage porn pantyhose bondage
Tawni is a spunky blonde who has been a stripper for 5 years and a porn star for several months. She likes bondage a lot but claims she can't trust anyone to do it in her personal life. She likes being marked and bruised, and she even put in a specific request to be booked for a Device Bondage shoot. Things begin when Tawni is strapped spread eagle to a steel chair. A clear harness gag smears her pretty red lipstick all over her face. Her dress is roughly cut off with a knife and her breasts are covered with clothespins to be used as singletail target practice. Tawni has had a long week and is tires quickly. She looks nervous, and that just makes cyd feel more sadistic. Adding nipple clamps and weights makes Tawni's breathing heavier before her hair is pulled back and tied to the chains behind her, forcing her head backwards in a delicious arc. She is caned lightly, and relieved with a vibrator induced orgasm that stiffens her body as she screams in pleasure. Cyd pulls her nose upwards with a painful nose clamp and ties it off, leaving her to recover from her orgasm in this humiliation fashion. Later Tawni finds herself steer tied on a box, wrists to ankles, laying on her side. Two of her holes are stuffed full by poles that keep her fixed in place. She is left with the eroscillator attached to her clit to torture her for a while with its pleasurable vibrations that soon turn to pain when left in place for too long. She tries to take her mind off it by fucking herself on a dildo attached to a pike and comes over and over again until she is nothing more than a quivering heap.

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